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Pictured off 12th and Logan in Denver, CO

Singing the praises of the unsung heroes

Kailey Geary (Artist - Denver, CO)

Kailey is a talented artist and such kind person. She has a Bachelor of Environmental Design Degree from University of Colorado Boulder with a focus in Architecture and a Minor in Technology, Arts and Media. She also created the SeulStizz logo and many murals and other works of art in the Denver/Boulder area.

We immediately gelled during the first phone call we had and now has become the only person I'm able to say I've actually made friends with during the pandemic.  I appreciate all the work she did putting the logo together and I look forward to working with her in the future. If you're looking for an artist - especially to do murals - I'd definitely recommend contacting her.

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Mckensey Monier (Artist, Graphic Design, Amazing Human/Genius)

Kensey went to CSU for a bachelors in graphic design and art and is now attending classes at The Academy of Art for 3D animation. She is as talented as she is easy to work with and will surprise you with how one person can be so knowledgeable and lighthearted.

She basically recorded all the content for the videos and pictures you see on this site. In addition, she's provided some of the mouth percussion samples (Giggles etc...) in the song "Nerve" (and more songs to come). Finally she has helped so much by answering so many questions (and I have a lot) along the way that I must put her in here. Yes, she also happens to be my girlfriend, but the proof is in the pudding. Feel free to work with her and find out for yourself.

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